Poem: Night in Reflection

Saroj Gartaula “Rozay” | Monday, November 02, 2020 18:16:00 723

As I gently press your breasts

and you hold your breath,

I could not get the night as I have dreamt of.

Some years ago you told me that

you could not live without me.

This evening as I stand at the shore

of Coney Island, waves of your memory

entangle in the air that I breath.

Restless is the sea and so is the horizon

when sun goes far away from this island.

Dark night falls in my eyes and I see

thousands of dead spirits-

sailing the boats-

singing, dancing, drinking, kissing-

and I throw myself into the fire

of an unknown energy of many

terrifying nights-

then suddenly moon appears-

the stars appear-

the breezes pass by me-

the sounds of the sea tranquillize 

my inner being-

and I dissolve myself into the sea,

spreading waves of my love for you.



:- Saroj Gartaula “Rozay”


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