For youngsters

Basanta Dhungana | Monday, November 02, 2020 18:55:00 1170

Your thought depends upon your experience, your body depends upon your food & you depend upon how you are reared up. Maturity doesn't come itself. It happens with the flow of time & experience. You are the result of your environment where you were grown.

The tragedy among the youngsters of our country is; they understand themselves, their passion, aim and future goal so lately. And it is not their mistake; it's all the result of the education system of Nepal. There is no any far sighted vision in the education system of Nepal. It is just certificate oriented. One just focuses on the good marks in certificate and forgets their real passion or their natural talent.

Where there is a challenge there is also an opportunity. Youths must grab the opportunity from here. You must understand that you all have diverse talents and passions. You must try to convert those passions into a profession. If there is no scope in your interest field you just need to build it. You can begin the change if you try to. After finishing high school just go around and search for your interest. Do not depend upon your family for your college fee or pocket money. Try to stand on your own feet. Unless you become independent you will never know your interest, passion and the struggle you need to do.

Young minds are older than children but younger than adult. Anyone can divert young minds as per their need. We can also look into the criminal history or the victims of various cases. Adolescents are the maximum victims of negative news. A negative person uses young minds mostly as they are easy to change. Until the youngsters are aware of themselves they are not safe. It won't be possible for every parent to give full time with full effort to their sons or daughters. So, youths are being victim of drug abuse, political abuse, trafficking, harassment, rape, substance use, crimes, and many more. This must be understood by every parents, guardians, teachers and youngsters themselves.

Following our mates is another big problem I have seen among the youngsters today. If a friend goes abroad for study, his\her friend wants to go. If a friend study one subject, his\her friend wants the same. Youngsters must be aware that following your inner voice, inner passion will make you really great instead of following someone. You must follow your dream not others. Begin with yourself today. Study about the physical and mental changes in your age group; find your passion & work for your passion. Unless you understand yourself you will never understand the world.


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