James Cameron confirms that filming of Avatar 2 is complete

Filmfare | Monday, November 30, 2020 19:43:00 500

One of the biggest films in world cinema, James Cameron’s Avatar changed the face of movies and introduced the world to flawless VFX. It has a massive fan base around the globe who all have been eagerly waiting for the second instalment of the blockbuster. 


In a conversation with Arnold Schwarzenegger, director James Cameron revealed that the sequel of the film is completed and is all set for post-production. He stated that the production of the film lost four and a half months due to the pandemic and therefore the release has been pushed to December 2022. 

He further confirmed that the preproduction of the third instalment is also underway and is 95 per cent completed. Once Avatar 2 hits the theatres, the cast and crew will start principal photography of the third instalment as well. 

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