"CHAMPA" trending on Youtube

Reporter | Tuesday, May 18, 2021 16:42:00 366

"CHAMPA" is a reprise version of its old one by Bhupu Pandey. It is in the top ten in trending on YouTube now. This song is beautifully sung by Bhupu Pandey and perfectly presented by the young talented director Rezon Thapa.


This is composed, re-arranged, and released through the YouTube channel of Bhupu Pandey. Talented singer, Melina Mainali has performed on the female vocals, Govinda Lamsal penned this beautiful song.


Anu Pariyar has been featured in the Video. Her beauty and performance proved that she is a hidden gem of the Nepali Music/Film Industry.


At the same time, Director Rezon Thapa had proved that he is a young talented Director. He has shown rural Nepal and beauty in a glamorous way which is stealing the hearts of many Nepalese through this song. He is the director of many popular Nepali short movies. Nepali Music & Film industry can raise its height through young talents like him.

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