Implementation of Democracy: A farfetched Goal

Shikchhya Yonzon | Monday, May 31, 2021 18:41:00 494

I believe in a democratic state citizen can exercise their rights. The major pillar of democracy is the rule of law but seems like it just the written documents with no intention of subjectivity.


In context of recent advocacy meeting I had with government stakeholders. I work in an NGO and it is consider one of the powerful mechanism to lobby and advocate to Government. To put forward the agenda which helps in bringing positive change in the whole nation. However, our voices are often unheard and neglected by government officials and the agenda of mental health which needs to be prioritized as often over shadowed by other issues.


Mental Health is one of the major component of quality of life, which is also ensured by Constitution of Nepal,2015.I believe with the strengthening of mental well-being of citizen, the country can flourish at its best. The recent scenario of mental health situation is alarming. There is a strong resolution on the urgent needs to progress its status in Nepal. The recent endorsement of National Mental Health Strategy 2077 by Government has bought relish to general citizen on its implementation part has caused amazement to all. The strategy which was endorsed by government itself had the provision of functional mental health division. When stand-alone mental health division is under full operation, the progress on mental health can be seen and then there will be proper organogram and human resource which will be guided by Mental Health Division. When there is effective and component Human Resource, there will be easy and full access to citizen on mental health services. This will ultimately gradually eliminate the issue of mental health but the recent statement made by High level government officials of MoHP on the matter of has again made us doubtful on the better service and better access on Mental Health that needs to be given by Government to its citizen. Nonetheless, we will be continuously grasping at straws so that the issue of Mental Health will be prioritized, and we will constantly advocate for promotion of mental well-being and a better structure for mental health division in national, provincial and local levels.


The battle is yet to be started, the battle is yet to be win.


(Shikchhya Yonzon is Advocacy Officer in KOSHISH. She is the recipient of Bidhya Bhusan Padak, 2018)

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